If you were a fan of the film Throw Down For What? you’ll be excited to learn that Over Bored and Wild Side will be starring in an all new monster truck DVD from our friends at Monster Truck Throwdown titled Joyride. The latest film from Monster Truck Throwdown features several events across the United States and in Canada along with special segments in unique settings like gravel pits, junkyards, the Badlands Off-Road Park and deep into the woods of Maine. The Throwdown media crew captured plenty of amazing footage throughout the 2016 season including the debut of the all new Over Bored as well as the unveiling of Wild Side at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort. You’ll be able to see Over Bored and Wild Side battling against the stars of Monster Truck Throwdown like Avenger, Brutus, Barbarian, Crushstation, Reckless Drivin, Lumberjack, and much more. It was such an exciting season with Monster Truck Throwdown and we can’t wait to see the film when it arrives! Check out the trailer below to see what Joyride has to offer.

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