The Monster Truck Throwdown season marched on to Ionia, Michigan where Over Bored and Wild Side would be in action at the Ionia Free Fair. Special guest pilot Elliott Miller would be piloting Wild Side for the hometown event in defense of his freestyle win last year while Jamey Garner would be behind the wheel of Over Bored.

While the wheelie contest didn’t lead to any victories for the team, the rest of the night would be a different story. Garner and Over Bored were fast on the straight line track where they would work their way to the final round against good friend Devin Jones and Barbarian. It would be a high flying photo finish, but Garner would claim the victory over Jones on this night. Garner’s winning ways would continue into the donut contest where Over Bored spun a wicked set of cyclones to take the win.

In freestyle Miller and Wild Side had some fun in front of the hometown crowd with some big air in the 41 Willys that got the crowd going. His efforts would score well but it would be Garner and Over Bored playing the role of spoiler to take the freestyle win as well with some big air and nasty cyclones. Check out the video below of Garner and Over Bored in action during freestyle from our friends at Monster Truck Throwdown.

Thanks to Monster Truck Throwdown and the Ionia Free Fair for having us back once again. We’ll be looking forward to returning again the future. Be sure to check out the schedule to see where we’re headed next and we’ll see you down the road!