For the first time ever the Over Bored Monster Truck team visited Bridgeport Speedway in southern New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia. It would be the first ever Monster Truck Throwdown event at the speedway and big weekend for both the team and Monster Truck Throwdown with two huge shows.

The team arrived in New Jersey with Over Bored as well as Miss Over Bored for the two event weekend. Saturday night would be the first of two events in front of a sold out crowd. For Deidra Ballard it was a bit of a rough start to the weekend as Miss Over Bored suffered power steering problems throughout the event. The crew would get it figued out following the event and would be ready for Sunday afternoon. Meanwhile for Jamey Garner and Over Bored the night was considerably better. Garner was fast in racing and once again found himself in the final round. It would be a close race against Crushstation, but Garner and Over Bored pulled off the victory. In freestyle Garner took flight with Over Bored with a big air bonanza. It was a great run, but not quite enough to knock off good friend Jim Koehler and the Avenger for the win.

Sunday morning would be a special occasion as the team took to the track early to get some seat time for a future monster truck star. Jon Zimmer Jr. has grown up around the sport as the son of Jon Zimmer and has always wanted to get behind the wheel of a monster truck. The Zimmer and Garner families have become great friends over the years and so it was only fitting that Garner gave the youngest Zimmer his first chance to drive. Zimmer Jr. did a fine job as he piloted Miss Over Bored around the course for a couple of test passes. The team was excited for the youngster and proud to help make a dream come true. We look forward to seeing what young Zimmer Jr. can do behind the wheel in the future.

After the morning test session the team got ready for the second show of the weekend that afternoon. The wheelie contest didn’t bring the team any wins, but they delivered a pair of good attempts to get the event started. Garner and Over Bored were once again fast in racing as they worked their way into the final round yet again. This time it would be a relatively easy win for Garner as Brutus suffered a broken front axle that caused the truck to spin out while Over Bored sailed to the victory. For freestyle Ballard got some of the biggest air of her young career as she flew Miss Over Bored over the bus stacks in impressive fashion. Just a short time later Garner would take to the track with even bigger air than the previous night’s freestyle. After over two minutes of huge leaps Over Bored eventually had enough as the right front spindle would give way, leading to a noticeable lean of the right front tire. Despite the breakage Garner was still pumped on the freestyle as the crowd at Bridgeport Speedway were thrilled with the run.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us for the first ever Monster Truck Throwdown at Bridgeport Speedway. We had a great time and look forward to coming back in the future. Next up for the team is a trip back to our home state of Indiana for another Throwdown weekend. We’ll be visiting Plymouth Speedway for two events. Come join us Saturday and Sunday for a pair of great shows!