After some time away from the Monster Jam circuit for a few weeks the Over Bored team got back into the stadiums with Monster Jam’s return to Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The field of trucks featured and all star caliber line up with Over Bored and Black Pearl making their mark on the city of brotherly love.

After a great turn out at the pit party the fans filed into the stadium for a great night of action in the home of the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. As the event got underway with racing and an early win right away in round one. Jamey Garner and Over Bored would defeat Team Hot Wheels FIrestorm to start off the racing competition and move into round two. Cole Venard and The Black Pearl had a close match up with Tom Meents and Max-D, but would come up short of the win in a great race. Venard and The Black Pearl would be brought back to compete in round two as the fastest loser where he would once again face off with Meents. The second round opened up with another great race, this time between Over Bored and Mutant Super Soda. Garner had the early lead and up to the final corner, but a wide would cost him as Todd LeDuc would make up the distance to sneak away with the win. In the rematch of Venard and Meents, this time it would be Venard getting the victory to move onto the semi-finals. Venard’s racing night would end there in a defeat to Mohawk Warrior in the semis but it was a great start to the night for the team.

Over Bored Monster Truck - Philadelphia Monster Jam 2018Shortly after would be the two wheel skills compeition. Both trucks performed well in the competition with Over Bored being first on the track. Garner put together a stoppie and then a wicked cyclone donut that got the crowd amped up in Philly. Then Venard and the Black Pearl came out with a reverse popper, into a wheelie over the race ramp in his first attempt. He followed that up with a huge sky wheelie off the eight pack on the hybrid pod section of the track. As the truck landed on the right rear, it pitched over the right but Venard was able to turn into it and save the truck from rolling over. At the end of the competition it would be Black Pearl in 4th and Over Bored 5th place for a great team result.

The Black Pearl Monster Truck - Philadelphia Monster Jam 2018

The freestyle competition from Philadelphia would be a memorable one with many great performances from the entire field. One of the most memorable came from Venard and the Black Pearl as they blitzed the track with a high flying freestyle. Right out of the gate Venard sailed the truck across the track with big air jump after big air jump. He event tossed in a walking slap wheelie across the stadium in the latter part of his freestyle. From there he continued into the huge air spectacle before lining up for the backflip ramp. It would be a huge backflip, but didn’t rotate around quite as much as hoped for, as the truck landed hard on the front axle. The truck would rotate around just enough to land the backflip but the harsh impact would end Venard’s run as the truck broke multiple four-link bars in the process. The crowd on Lincoln Financial Field were on their feet and rewarded Venard with the second place score at the time. At the end of the competition it would hold up for fifth place in freestyle.

The Black Pearl Monster Truck - Philadelphia Monster Jam 2018Shortly after Venard would be Garner and Over Bored would take to the track for freestyle. It would be a good from Garner as he too put together a big air freestyle of his own, but didn’t quite have the same intensity as Venard and some others. Highlights included big hits over the step and arena pod ramps as well as a nice jump over the cars. After following so many strong runs, the scores weren’t quite where they should be but it was still a good performance from Garner and Over Bored.

Over Bored Monster Truck - Philadelphia Monster Jam 2018After the dust settled it was a great night for the team. In the overall event standings Venard and the Black Pearl would finish in third place, just two points away from tying for the overall event championship, while Garner and Over Bored would finish eighth. Following the event the team headed south to Venard’s shop in North Carolina to work on the trucks and get them ready for the next event in East Rutherford, New Jersey at MetLife Stadium.